How Did This IMS Kill Me?

It traveled 10 feet to hit my foot across the hallway!
I don't understand, I'm pretty sure IMS aren't supposed to do that.

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now if only my ims did that.....

I got killed by an IMS on Seatown in the most ridiculous way possible. It traveled 15 or more feet around a corner, into the building I was at, and half-way up the stairs. I should have recorded that.

I think once it is triggerd you have to die. Not sure.  I have only beaten one ims out of all the times I have died from it.

There is a load screen tip that says "Once you hear the IMS, it's too late." but it's still overpowered sometimes. I'm really regretting not recording that clip right now.

The thing will fire directly at you no matter where you are, and it also has a shorter fuse when in low-ceiling areas. It also has a pretty good blast radius as well.. About the only way to survive one is to have a wall and a roof between it and yourself.

 I love the Ims, even thou I get killed finding a place to plant it.

SpeedyBlueDude wasn't speedy enough?

I'm sure I've out ran one before. :/


I'm going to try this again in splitscreen today.


^Also, I lol'd.

LOL, you got killed by a bank shot.

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now if only my ims did that.....