How did this game get good reviews?

Ok maybe no one else noticed this but my first match was against Shamus, why does he look like he is 8ft tall in this game, this game looks like crap. I hate when you spend money on a game and just feel like someone stole from you, now I can't even play this and trade it in what for $20 if I am lucky. Sorry if you are enjoying the game, I like a real life game, example NBA2k13, amazing real life game.


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LMAO,  ok, wow.  Unless something is wrong with your TV or eye sight, Sheamus in no way looks like he is 8ft tall in this game, you put him side by side with Big Show, and Undertaker and Kane he is shorter then they are, now if you were playing as Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara then yes Sheamus will look like he is 8ft tall.  You obviously didn't play long enough to even check anything out, and I dont know why you think the game looks like crap but it doesnt.  You cant compare a wrestling game to 2k's basketball franchise.  You like your real life game then stick to your NBA game, because this is a wrestling game after all and it is mimicking wrestling, not basketball or football.  

Apparantly this guy has a black and white 8-bit tv...this game looks amazing...and i'll stick with my NBA 2K11 because 13 is crap.