How did they make this amazing game world?

I have never seen a world so massive in a game before that appears to have no loading screens at all.  


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The lifts are used for loading an old technique.

Yea...they probably spent years trying to figure out how to connect such massive areas so close to eachother....the world map is extremely dense.

The thing that amazes me the most with this world is that if you see you can more than likely go to it. I think that is so cool!

Probably some very clever streaming stuff going on in the background.

too funny.  but seriously very impressive

you can never tell because even while riding a lift im to busy admiring the stone walls or whatever else there is to look at.

I like the darkroot garden area and the one near it the most.  Its so nice to take a walk thru the forest after being in hellish places like blighttown and the depths.  I kinda wish that there were more tranquil and beautiful places within the game....I dont wanna be scared all the time....LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL

I know dude, I thought demons souls had a nice scray scene, this game has a mixure of both dark and creepy with nice and beautiful. I like the blueish neon look of the forest with the flowers that glow. Like the area where the hydra dragon is at, looks so awesome wiht the crystal demons off in the distance. it looks great. And I love how they cleverly connect all the worlds. you think you are HELLA far form a place and open up some door, and your at the place you thought you was miles away from. SO GOOD!

it has loading screens Husker.... they just happen when you die!  LoL