How common are dragons?

Are there a set amount of dragons or do they come by pretty often.  The reason I ask is that I have killed the first dragon and I have it bones and scales but they are heavy and I don't have a house yet.  I have debated about selling them but I know I can make dragon armor later in the game, so I don't want to sell them unless I can get more later.  So are dragons random monsters that show up though out the game or are there just a few set amount.



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Too common once you kill first one none before u get to that point in story

There is an infinite amount of dragons in the game. Trust me, you'll have plenty of bones by the time you're able to make dragon armor. I would sell them.

Dragons aren't rare, but they don't attack you every single day (in-game days). It usually depends if you're near one of their spawns (shown as a dragon head icon on your map). But still, dragons can attack you anywhere at any time.