How come the Gears 3 Beta was so Much better.

Did Epic have more time to work on their beta?

It seems that the Gears 3 Beta was more "finished"



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A beta is a test to make final adjustments where it is needed not necessarily finished product.

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Yes.  Gears 3 was originally scheduled for release in the first few months of 2011.  Microsoft delayed it until Sept. for the holiday sales block.  They didn't announce the delay until it was near the original release date, so Epic had a near complete build of the game in early 2011.  So they could either sit on a complete version of the game for 6 months, or use that time to avoid a Gears 2 release disaster.

Gears is not trying to be more like COD

Pretty much what Storm and Skill said.  1) a beta isnt a demo, there are bound to be problems with a beta.  We're so used to betas typically being a demo and when a real beta comes out, we all lose out cool because we have the mentality of hey, its a demo.  2) just like what storm said, GOW 3 was more than likely 95% complete by the time they released their "beta" since the release was pushed back.  So rather than having a build like this, they had essentially a final version of the game they let people play


 Gears was due out in Nov 2010, then Apr 2011 then Sep 2011. I am sure as each date got closer they had a close to finished project. Also remember that Gears is XBOX 360 only, BF3 on the other hand needs to be coded for PC/XBOX/PS3 all at the same time.

 Don't get me wrong, I have real issues with this beta (demo really based on the time frame) but you can not compare it to Gears of War 3