How CoD zombies can improve and my ideas on good future maps

     I've just been kinda curious... A lot of people (including me) expressed displeasure toward most of the things in BOII Zombies.... The new characters, the Demonic Announcer (Richtofen is good as a character, but not as an announcer.), and just in general the maps. I just had an idea about the most logical way to continue the plot, yet get that great feeling that was in the first zombie maps. Well, first of all, a few changes in BOII that in my opinion were pointless and took away the core.

1. A starting room- This, I don't know how, but all maps with a starting room turn out better. Of course, as with all things, there is an exception, Der Riese. But unlike.. let's say Green Run or most BOII maps, in Der Riese, although the spawn wasn't exactly a room, it was barely any of the map unlike Green Run, where in all of the maps, you could explore the whole thing by round 3.

2. A game focused on gameplay, rather than easter eggs-1 Now I can't say that BOII was the only game to have this, in fact the map that most expressed this was Moon, which also kind of expressed my feelings about no 1. I won't even really describe this, just play Shi No Numa, and then Moon or Buried or Origins etc. I'm not complaining about the plot, i'm just saying that it shouldn't interfere with gameplay.

3. Hellhounds- These are the guys that made the WaW maps scream "Hardcore!". The fact that in BOII they appear only on green run, and are simply "optionals" shows that 3ARC is trying to appeal to casual gamers, which is not a very good idea, as when I played BOII Zombies (For a very short time) 9/10 of the players I joined were randoms that were complete noobs, and rage quitted when down.

4. The new characters- Obnoxious, unfunny, annoying. The exact opposite of the original 4.

Now, getting back to the title, here we go

MAP #1 Der Ruekker-  Spawn in small room on the moon (Only once, at the beginning) room is fairly simple, not containing anything but 2 barred windows, an Olympia, and a teleporter that is automatically activated after round 1. All players must be standing on the teleporter to go to the next locations. The next location, of course is Der Riese. The four original characters are used, and there are radio messages explaining how Richtofen was put back into his body. The main map plays similar to Der Riese, however it brings back the sprinting zombies from WaW Verruckt. The map itself is more gothic and bloody than the original Der Riese, again, similar to Verruckt. The moon is also visibly damaged, presumably from events that happened on Moon. The map does bring something from BOII however, the ray gun mark II, and introduces the Wunderwaffe DG-3 and a new boss enemy similar to the Pentagon thief, the 935 Agent, that would appear every 10 rounds. Hellhounds return, appearing every on rounds 5, 15, 25, e.t.c. After round 50, both hellhounds and the 935 Agent spawn on the same round every 5 rounds. The original characters all look the same, except Richtofen is emitting a dim yellow glow after being in the Aether. Lastly, the Mystery Box now spawns in the teleporter room behind the original Mystery Box spawn, and the Perks are the same as in Der Riese.

MAP #2 Numbers- This map takes place in Vorkuta, and a Radio message can be found that was sent by an unidentified member of Group 935 explaining how they went into the future, spraying Element 115 over important government and military facilities. The message also warns that 3 subjects have escaped, and a subject was accidently dispatched. These are thewhich include Alex Mason, Viktor Reznov, Sergei Kozin, and Hermann Kotler, a German scientist accidently dispatched by Group 935. In terms of quotes/voice Alex Mason resembles Tank Dempsey, Hermann Kotler resembles Edward Richtofen and Reznov resembles Nikolai only in terms of accent (Sergei is mute, as his tongue was cut  out in the BO1 campaign.) The map look visibly like Vorkuta, but not as big as there is no buyable door to get out from the room where Sergei dies. It has Hellhounds every 5 rounds, and cold war era weapons purchasable from the walls. The perks are Quick Revive, Jugger-Nog, Double-Tap Root Beer, PhD Flopper, and Speed Cola. This map also introduces a new perk, Stamin-Ale which gives the player more stamina, or sprinting time. Finally, the map has an unknown easter egg called "Broken Chains".

That is all for now, there will be more map suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment on your opinion or a suggestion of any sort, Thank You :))))


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By "Room Sergei dies in", I mean room he dies in during the BO campaign, but the past/future was altered. Anyway, that was the only name I could really think of. Sorry if it caused confusion.

I applaud your in depth consideration in your map/story designs but it is clearly geared towards your preference on Zombies.

[quote]This map also introduces a new perk, Stamin-Ale[/quote]

Stamin-up is not new... already in BlackOps 2. if your unsure, it can be found easily in Town survival. (maybe I misunderstand.


I also disagree that black ops Zombies is disappointing. I agree that it doesnt follow the same formula of previous games but I like it. I like the fact that the EE's are complicated and multi-stepped, I like the fact that there are things that need to be done and I prefer the weapons.

Some of the maps in blackops 2 are disappointing, I wasnt a fan of MoTD or Buried as they got old very quickly. Origins and Die Rise are my favourite maps with Die Rise pipping Origins.


Personally, I think all the perks should be available in the maps but still only 4 being buyable - with another 2 max being winnable.

This is a pretty good idea but only if Treyarch actually does this :/