How can you tell when you're game's infected?

 I had this game when it first came out, sold it to my friend then bought it last night on XBox and I'm annoyed with all the mods. If I have to be weary about the servers I joined to make sure my save file doesn't get infected then X Box better give me my money back.


 Why should I look out for things like this? It's a video game. I play it to have fun, not to keep a look out for hackers. They're banning people who haven't a clue that they joined a server and their game is modded. This is like watching a Bluray movie, but making sure your LED's lights don't go out, or making sure the picture doesn't burn on your Plasma. This is ridiculous.


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last night i entered a Headquarters match on Cod 4. It was to no surprise hacked as hell. Speedboost/auto noobtute etc. I tried to leave, bet when i searched for a new match i got into the same one! :/ Then i tried to play FFA. Got into a crappy  4000xp per kill lobby.

mossberg ur xbox wont get infected ur profile will and it can only get infected if u go into a infection lobby... and not one thats playing i mean in pre game lobby with all writing where the map should be.

how do i know this? because i was invited last night to one i got really scared to dashboarded and i was fine after that i simply reported the person and blocked communications.