how can i tell what is negatively affecting my magicka?

my magicka is in the red at 105/105. it should be 120/120. i can not seem to figure out what can be affecting my magicka.  how can i tell so i can correct it. how can i tell what is affecting not just my magicka, but health and stamina as well, it case those get negatively affected too at some point.


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Apparel shouldn't have an effect on this, just curious tho, you double checked inventory? Amulets and attire?

MAGIC - then in the menu, there is a selection to see whats benifiting and negating. I have some armor rot or something that annoying me.

What NFO said too. I would stop by for example the shine of talos to cure any diseases. Not sure where how to find out if you have contracted anything. I haven't picked anything up yet, so that may be the reason why also.

okay, i will have to look for this menu. i check my whole inventory and could not find anything affecting my magicka. which is why i posted this. thanks NFO. i will look for the magic menu to see if i can find out what is affecting me. i also never considered i me be sick or infected with a disease.

Its prolly a sickness. I have armor rot or some sort...and have no idea where to find a cure.....I need to read the manual.

Goto Magic and then to Active Effects. It will show if you are sick with any illness that is causing a negative effects. You can goto Whiterun where the preacher guy os and use the talos to cure any disease. Goodluck.

@ NFO: You may have to go to a shrine to cure it? I think i picked it up one time, it popped in the top right during combat and couldn't really read it, didn't want to stray from the battle and die.

Off Topic: Where is this shrine? I keep having people tell me I look sick...

I've heard the same thing, there is one in whiterun to the right of the stairs before you go into dragon search. It's a guy preaching, you can't miss it.