How can I tell if I'm elite premium?

I bought the hardend edition and registrered for elite the first day MW3 was out. I also downloaded the free premium that came with my hardend edition the same day. However due to all the trouble with the elite service I've not used it a lot. This morning I was able to log in to the website of elite and when clicking around I got a link to "Go Premium"? Is there a way to see if my elite account is premium or not?

I've got a mail from Microsoft and I can see in my xbox live account that I have the elite premium membership.

I've got a green founder skull next to my gamertag. I have not recieved the in game content (emblem, title, camo).

Is there any premium content in game or on elite I could check that I have?

Guess that a lot skips this service in the future since it's been som mucj trouble.



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you are premium if you have the founder status you have to wait up to 48 hours to get the title and emblem.

since your a founder would you like to join my clan on elite which we can earn double xp time custom titles and emblems

sent you an invite to the clan just gotta go on cod elite to accept if ya want

It's been two weeks since I register so I've tried to relink my live account on the elite website to see if that works

hm i know you can contact them look here

If you have the green skull next to your gamer tag, you have premium/founder status.