How can i capture ...

Father Elijah ? I killed him.


Thanks in advance!


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What do you mean "capture"? You mean lock him in the vault?

To lock him in the vault for the achevement there are two methods of doing it.

The harder way is to go into sneak mode and hide behind one of the generator things outside the vault and try to sneak past him.

The easier way is to after you finish talking to him just backtrack all the way through the way you came.


third option, bit of a glitch, but do the following!!   talk to father Elija via the computer in the vault, make sure you explore all the options when talking to him,  then get him to come down to the vault, the door then opens, run out and turn right, there is a set of steps and a blue forcefield barrier, at the bottom of the steps drop any c4 you have, then walk up to the barrier and try walking through it, when Elija arrives he uses a pip boy to teleport into the vault, when he does you swap places, and you are on the other side of the barrier, save your game, then blow up the c4 and kill him, then exit via the lift, then reload, the game but don't blow him up and leave via the lift to trap him!!!! that way you get the 2 achievements, also you can empty the vault of EVERYTHING, and still make it to the barrier before Elija gets there!!!