How can I buy Boats,Cars,Trucks,Planes,Helicopters and Tanks in GTA 5?

How can I buy Boats,Cars,Trucks,Planes,Helicopters and Tanks in GTA 5?


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Your phone. Go to the internet browser and choose travel and transport. There you go.

cool thanks but when I buy them where can I pick them up? or do they just appear from the sky?

It tells you where they deliver them. Make sure you have a helipad or dock purchased.

They appear at your garage, the green for Franklin, blue for Michael and Orange for Trevor

The cars will appear at the garage, the boats at the dock, the planes/jets at the hangar, the helicopters at the heli pad.

NOTE: each character has to purchase their own Dock, Hanger, Heli pad.

Wait for the confirmation email saying your vehicle has been delivered. Took a little longer to get a buzzard helicopter delivered and I was freaking out

Thanks guys.


^You need a garage or apartment w/ garage combo in order to store more than one vehicle. You can still buy a vehicle but if you don't have a place to store them, you will only have one vehicle and you will need to replace it if you want a new vehicle. When you get high enough, you will get an option on your phone called "Pegasus". With this, you can then proceed to buy boats, planes, helicopters, Tanks, and other vehicles from Warstock Cache and Carry. When you want one, simply call Pegasus and select the vehicle you want. It will be delivered to you at a "storage area" on the map. Drive to it and you can then drive/fly the vehicle. Having a garage will allow access to more than one vehicle and you will also be able to view your collection.