How can anyone defend these game publishers anymore?


Sorry inadvance for the Rant......


EA stuck it to gamers again with Madden 12. I was dumb enough to buy it but I wanted to play against my adult son and fell for the hype. The graphics are all over the place and 2k5 is still the gold standard. Now EA is doing Battlefield 3 and over a million people have pre purchased it. I know Activision is not better but at least you know what your getting more or less with COD. Battlefield is a great series that will be messed up somehow by a company that doesn't care for it's customers. Very few game compaines care about the end user, and if they do they are bought up by one of the big guys so they stop that crazy stuff of caring for their product. Normally I just keep it to myself about this stuff cause I don't care to be flammed by people who are just there to start a fight but really what as a consumer can we do? If we don't buy games we hurt ourselves and EA, Activision, Namco don't really care if they lose just your 60 bucks.

How many people will it take, of not buying a product before the publisher gets it? Everytime a game has had low sales a publisher doesn't say to the customers, "We will make it better, lets try this again".  No we get Duke Nukem Forever. Most of these games that are getting released are beta versions that the customer gets to spend 60 bucks on to beta test. I remember all the way back to when compaines had a department of beta testers. Now they ship it and we wait for the patch. And it's across all platforms. The PS3 version of Half-Life 2 was broken to say the least. I'm not a huge Sony fan but your telling me that the PS3 couldn't run a proper version of Half-Life 2 without having to be patched out to make useable? Valve is not a bad company and I'm sure the publisher was the one who said "get it out the door".

If anyone has a real idea of how to make a game company accountable I'd love to hear it because me not buying a game is apparently only hurting me not giving them my 60 bucks doesn't seem to stop where the game industry is headed.

Sorry again for the Rant....


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Okay got about half way through and you still hadn't said why you were mad so I had to quit reading. Get to a point or you loose the audience.

Sorry to offend. I thought it was plain I was ranting because of half baked games we are paying the right to beta test for. I didn't know it was that hard so I'm sorry for that.

I think you're first mistake was buying a game (Madden) that is a yearly release. Just like CoD and the last Assassins Creed game, you get games that are exactly like the previous years game with minor tweaks and lots of glitches/faulty gameplay.

However, I think you'll be in good hands with Battlefield 3. DICE releases a public beta for their games prior to the actual release to find all the issues.

I agree with what you've said though...way too many games are released unfinished, and it's the publishers forcing the developers to push it out the door before it's ready. That's why I feel better when games get "delayed". Like RDR got pushed back a month, what was the result? An extremely polished game with almost no glitches and ran extremely well. Then you get crap like MW2 and Fallout New Vegas, rushed out the door to sell, sell, sell. End result? Glitches, broken nonsense and just aggravating gameplay which needed to be patched day one.

how do you compare madden to bf3?  look im guilty of buying the NCAA series year after year but im a diehard college football fan.   but I swear this is my last year of purchasing NCAA unless some drastic improvments and additions are made.

and what are you smoking when you say you get more with cod than bf3?  are you joking me?   I can't even tell the difference between MW graphics and MW3 graphics.  there is aboslutely nothing new in the cod series.  At least Dice has added and improved not just the frostbite engine, graphics, but adding tons of detail from bullet velocity, vehicles, vehicle weapon attachments and equip.  

Personally Activision is not getting anything from me.   COD is dead, GH is dead.   At least EA tries to get it's developers to innovate.   which is more you can say for activision.   from Dead Space and Dead space 2, mirror's edge, battlefield series.

and how can you throw namco in this list,   besides their few flagship series like Ace combat and tekken, they are true innovaters in the gaming world.   afro samurai, publishing from softwares dark souls.   god to many games to name from them.

I get what your saying but no ideas how to hurt the evil activision or bobby kotticks pocketbook

at least blizzard has the balls to tell activision  it will be ready when it's ready  and acti will back off.   unlike infinity ward and treyarch  who suck off of activisions nipple.   shame to because infinity ward was a great company that just got greedy and was devoured by activision and their money whoring policies.

I'm always aboard the EA hate train.

So much foolishness in this thread, I don't even know where to begin.

I read the first few lines and only have to say this; EA isn't making BF3, it's DICE. EA is only publishing the title, where as EA Sports makes the sports games.

Yea obviously you're not a huge fan of the battlefield series because ea doing the publishing is nothing new.  Almost a stale old you could say.

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So much foolishness in this thread, I don't even know where to begin.


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