How bad are the glitches without patches?

First let me say that I am mostly an offline player, partially due to a slow internet connection that prevents me from getting patches and playing online. 

I am trying to decide whether or not to get this game for $39.99 this week.  How bad are the glitches in the game without patches, since I won't be able to get any patches, and how bad do they hinder gameplay.  Is it even worth me getting Skyrim if I cannot get the patches for it to fix the glitches?


Thanks for any input.


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I would say that getting the update would not hurt. but there are game halting glitches without the patch. If you Internet is that bad, let the update run over night. That is what I use to do when I had a "not great" Internet connection.

Yeah, just let the patch download overnight if needs be. Certain glitches that were fixed can make the game massively annoying when they are left to actively ruin your game.

The patch is 10mb.  I don't see how, even with an uber slow internet connection, that should be very time-consuming to download for ya.

Almost every game has glitches which will usually be fixed via some updates.