How Are You Taking Down The Terror?

2 DAYS LEFT MY FRIENDS!!! How are you guys planning to take down the terror first? Co-op, solo, what difficulty, etc?

This is my plan...

1. Lights Off

2. Solo

3. Afterglow Headset (so I can hear everything)

4. Survivalist

5. Kinect Off

Xbox Live wise I will be set to "Busy" so I won't be disturbed :)

So what about you?


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Head to the midnight release, come back with a nice bit of darkness to enjoy the game, then play on normal, solo just so I can get finish the story and see how it ends without hitting spoilers coming here. After that, everything else.

By myself with my sexy Issac then if I can get anyone to Co-op with me :D

Solo, then coop. I do not have a coop partner yet though. So if anyone wants to play coop, feel free to hit me up with an invite. :)

Forgot to add I will be finishing up a playthrough of DS2 late Monday night :) Unfortunately there's no midnight release for me so I won't be able to play DS3 right after (as I originally intended).

I only plan to play through this as a co-op.  In fact its the only real reason I am interrested in this game.  However I think I am all caught up on the storyline from the other games and from the 2 movies released.  I am hoping to start the co-op my first time on Thursday with my brother then start over again Friday with another one of my friends. At that point I would be willing to help any other friends in the campaign.   I guess if it is really really good then I might consider a solo playthrough.  

Lights out

Tritton Primer headset and 55" flat screen

Solo run through first then on to co-op

Then classic, survival, hardcore

Just finished Dead Space: Downfall and Aftermath  movies yesterday and will be reading Dead Space: Liberation and some of the other new books soon too.

I'm going to finish Dead Space 2 by tomorrow morning. Wait til UPS drops my game off then I'll pop it in right away. I'll probably play solo though there are a few people bugging me on Twitter about playing with them, but they will have to wait til I'm done playing solo. I'll be playing it on a 60 inch TV. Don't know if I should get a pair of Turtle Beaches or not though...

^^ If your TV has good sound then it shouldn't matter too much (especially if you have  system as well). But man, I was playing DS2 over the weekend with the Afterglows, I was hearing things in the game I never really heard before and it made it even more intense for me.

^^ second that!  Sound with a good set of headphones is so much more of an immersive experience.  Especially since I have to keep my sound low to not wake my wife or sleeping baby, so headphones offer a much better experience for me.

Grab a case of Miller Lite on the way home after picking up DS3 at Gamestop on my lunch hour. Have like three beers per chapter til I pass out.

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