How are they calling this the game of the YEAR?

 In BCBF2, you weren’t' “required" to follow behind the guy on your team leading you through the game. During the first mission of the campaign, which required you to kill the two guys with the RPG's I missed that point and ended up in the far right corner repeatedly killing the same four guys running through the concrete opening. Over sixty times before i realized i needed to back up and shoot guy 2 then the mission was completed. The actual multi-play portion isn't to scale; the players in field appear very small in contrast to EVERYTHING. Having a JET, verses a support Aircraft like an A-10 warthog would have been a useful thing to have but the jet really doesn't lend itself to supporting your team in flag capture or rush. Unlike the bcfc2 fewer things blowup, which is a disappointment. Recon was something i really enjoyed in the second version in three, its far more complicated because the sniper rifle floats all over the place and because the players aren't to scale with the map, enemies appear extremely small, like shooting an ant from a mile away. Players run around still making the impossible Skilled marksman like shots on the run while stationary shots are seemingly non-existences, much harder to make.... even locating the other team defensively is crazy hard, and most times impossible to accomplish. Any weaponry required won't come until you've spent countless hours of online play which means playing the game is hours will be incomplete confussion and frustrated game play, but after all you donated the 60 bucks. Connection issues day one was freaken a complete waste because it cut you off after being required to wait in queue for your turn. Day 2 saw no problems but i read posting today 27th that people are having more problems so i don’t know, it’s like EA rushed to market, if you bought the game did you notice the code you had to input to play the multiplayer portion, it’s a one-time use code, which means that buying used games in the future won’t allow you to play online or will require you to pay for that aspect. Even with that you would you think the last problem you would have is connecting to EA which was a constant problem of bcbf2. Point Here is .. RATE GAMES FOR YOURSELF because whoever is doing it for these gamer sites and magazines must be getting compensated for their remarks. Now lost planet is a great game Lost Planet 2 should have been game of the year but seemingly most game makers, they ignore the gamers and make changes based on their own interest and gamers are damned. 


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Forgot my climbing gear...

Who is calling it game of the year?

I can't read that, it hurts my eyes. It's a very good game, but I think we all know it's no GOTY.

Lost planet was junk..

GOTY Will probably be Uncharted 3 or Bathman Arkham City

^ Definitely not Batman. I did enjoy the game, but no way is it GOTY. Uncharted 3? Yeah, probably so. Looking forward to that game for sure.