how are the big maps?

hey guys.

Being Australian means i don't get the game til tomorrow and i have to pay 110 bucks for it... but that is not the issue, the issue is maps like caspian border.

i am a huge bad company 2 two fan and i remember the big maps on that game to be kinda of poor. anyone familiar with the map "heavy metal" will know what im talking about.

i have noticed in gameplay vids that they have made the points on the larger maps closer together... so thats good, they were all over the place in heavy metal.

but yeah, how is caspian border on the xbox.  oh and dose half the team line up for the jets? i was playing 1943 the other day and it was a full game so i thought hell yeah this is gonna be awsome but 8 ppl were camping the carriers waiting for the planes.


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Quite large. Some of the conquest maps are the same size of Heavy Metal or even larger. And it's somewhat less open since you have a ton of buildings that are ready to be destroyed.

I still have yet to play a match on Caspian Border. :(


Kharg Island and Operation Firestorm are both awesome though...I just had back to back matches of 28-4, 32-6 on Firestorm via tanking. Awesome, awesome map if you like vehicles...can't stress that enough.

larger than heavy metal? those maps are gonna fail on console... in conquest anyway

They're pretty huge man!

i've played every map in Rush so far and a few in conquest... they are doing great on console so chill with the PC elite BS.

caspian border is a lot of fun but i can see it getting boring when people figure out how easy it is to shoot down, or at least scare off enemy fighters...

i really hope they make it so the stinger cannot lock on fighters...