How am I supposed to win?

My favorite team is Chicago Fire, but it seems like the only team people like is Real Madrid. I have no chance to keep up.


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the game is flawed as it gives teams ratings so if you want to win what else can you do but pick best teams, all teams should be rated same on team play that way ppl will choose different teams.

blame EA not the players, Ea get so much wrong in all the games they make, it really is a shock that they have not gone under yet, but that time is coming, fifa 13 has signed there death warrant, bring on konami with their new pes, its basically fifa without bugs, its been 3 years in development and looking good, how do i know, i work in the games industry

I see your point, I have a similar issue except my team isn't as far quality difference as yours.

I support Sunderland, and a lot of people use Real and Barca..

EA don't have a system whereby you play a similar star team.

@OP -- You can change your matchmaking settings to closely match the Team Rating Level of the team you're playing as.  That should help.

Are you playing lobby games or seasons? I usually play with 4 or 4.5 star teams in seasons and I have yet to come up against R. Madrid or Barca.

Ea should just make all teams equal then there would be no problem

^^  Except all teams aren't equal, and you wouldn't get the added euphoria for beating Barcelona with the Chicago Fire.

You learn to manipulate the bugs in this game. If you don't you won't win. It's a bad game.

These Barca and Madrid Fanboys have been ruining this game for years now. My advice when playing these overpowered teams and type of FIFA player would be to go to the FIFA Creation Centre first. Create a completely overpowered squad. Bookmark/Download it to you XB And then in H2H watch them either run away at the select screen or cry and disconnect lots when you smash them 16 - 0. Happy Fanboy Hunting!