How am I stuck after I finished the game....

... so I am done and I was collecting the last 4 trophies from the Steel Mill. I enter, do the whole ice, bat claw pull through the first part get my trophies and reverese to leave this piece of crap building and...what the .... I cant get out the same why I came in. water flow and low piping wont allow me to put ice in the water and pull myself back...what the....did I miss something. i can't remember how I exited during the campaign. DAMN! Also, when i come back as catwoman, how would I get thru the are that needs iceberg and batclawing to get past...?damn i feel stupid!!!!!


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go to the jokers office.

will try. ah yes, he throw you out the window. Can I get in the steel mill that way? I need catwoman to get her trophies but the water near the entrance blocks me. thnx.

yes catwoman can get in there to,it takes you out onto a burning roof.

ahhh good looking out bruh! I do remember another entrance, it took someone else to jog my memory. thank man!