how active are COD games on PC at launch?

So i've recently built a gaming rig and I've been playing MW2 - the campaign is awesome, like a different game with the improved graphics. However the online community is down to like 20,000-30,000 at best and I know this can be put down to the game being a couple of years old and I know the lack of dedicated servers burned the community pretty bad. I just wondered if anyone had any indication if this would be any better for MW3? I don't really want to buy a game that's going to be dead within a month lol


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Pretty active, black ops MP is still #2 or 3 on Steam online and MW2 and COD4 are up there as well (all behind TF2 of course).

MW3 will have dedicated servers for the PC. Those games will be unranked however so you must unlock everything through matchmaking (P2P).