How Accessable is Street Fighter X Tekken for new Players?

You know, for shooters you can generally pick it up, aim and shoot some guys.  Basic formula.  You know, you can play it for a bit then jump online and do ok against guys that have been playing the game longer. 

Haven't played a fighter for a while.  Or a Street Fighter more specifically.   Does it do enough to teach new players or will it be pretty difficult to get into? 


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It's made to be very accessable.  I'm an average or below fighting game player, using the PS3 SSFIV controller for it and I do ok.  It has the best training mode that takes you through things step by step and the arcade mode is actually pretty easy, even the last boss.  It's probably the easiest to get into fighter.  

If you want a more easier fighting game to get into Id recommend Mortal Kombat.


Its not that SFxT is hard, but the fighting mechanics are a bit more complex, also you won't get very far if you use a regular Xbox controller for it since the buttons and d-pad are horrible for it.


I suggest investing in a fight pad.

No, it does not teach new players enough but I'd don't believe there has been a fighting game that has. The level of difficulty would depend on how much effort your willing to put in to learn new things, and how much you already know about fighting games. To me fighting games are similiar to Chess.


Street Fighter x Tekken in my opinion is easier then most Street Fighter's because of the combo system "e.g.", chain combo's, quick-combo's, easy input's, and easier super art's then previous installments.


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