How 6th

I saw a sixth prestige yesterday he was only level 8 or somen, Its sad people have played this nonstop


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Some people are better than others. However with that said, some people boost too. Rank AND stats mean nothing.

There's already people who are 10th Prestige. Talk about no lives.


I've spotted an 8th. 10ths are bound to start showing up within a week.

But also dont you guys in the USA have that MD promotion giving out free double xp all the time, which no disrespect but thats a little unfair on the rest of us, would have thought something for other countries may have been introduced.

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There's already people who are 10th Prestige. Talk about no lives.


This - wouldn't take long sitting on the game day after day

Yet we have the time to come on the forums and complain.  

Some people have more free time to spend on the game than others.


I have about  10 free hours a day to give on this game if I wanted. I just spend about 3 though.


Some people have no school and no work. They have 16 hours of free time to give, they're not no life, just play more than you and me. Don't hate.

You know I had a big post written on here until i magically hit the backspace key and now its gone so this is my abbreviated version.


If you have no school or work and are over the age of 17 with no plausible reason for not having employment or educational courses then your a leech and POS with no outlook in life if gaming is what gets you off. You now have 24 hrs of gaming because 16 would not even be enough. It is sad what gaming has done to millions and millions of children and young adults world wide. I personally work with couples and singles who just game and game all day and night who have children but choose to neglect them and turn a blind eye to it. Seriously I have divorces and singles who I see online more then I do at work and communicate more with them online then anywhere else. When I do speak to them at work it is always about gaming and I am like come on lets talks about some other current events and they give me this deer in head lights look and say alright see you online and walk away.