House Furnishings..

I tried to get my steward to buy the decorations for my first house and nothing has actually been put in the house. Has anyone else had this problem?


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This is why I do it all myself.

I have not gotten that far in the construction process, so I'm wondering if you need to provide the steward with gold to buy the furniture.

Yeah I am not sure why it never showed up. I just started making everything myself like PIRATE said. I just keep going around to all the shops and buying the supplies and building it all myself. I wish there was a bit more customization but it is still enjoyable.

How long did you give you steward to do this?  I asked "my thane" person to come to my house, got to house and nothing.  Three game days go by.  The wife was playing and just asked a follower to become steward.  Then the next day, thats 4 days later, that person finally makes it to my house.  She comes 4 days late.  


I was just wondering if there was a time limit on it.

I got Lydia as my servant. I spent gold on all stuff and still dont got it myself. I wish I knew how to adopt. If you know please message me. Im online playing now.

I got a courier letter when I first downloaded the DLC, it said to go to the Honorhall Orphanage (or whatever) in Riften to adopt.  I first upgraded the Whiterun Breezehome to add a kid's room, then I adopted two kids in Riften, and they went there...