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Hi everyone I need you to answer more questions:) Question 1 most amount consecutively have you played a game (name and type) 2. average amount of time spent playing. 3. how many game generation have you played/upgraded your pc  ex. nes to snes or ps1 to ps2 to ps3 (which did you like the most. Question 4  do you plan to move to next generation of console or upgrade your pc. Thank you for answering if you do this may be looked over and avoided thank you for contributing to my work :)


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17 hours, 9 hours, nes, super nes, n64, dream cast ps1 ps2 gamecube xbox xbox 360 wii ps3. I like the dream cast the most, yes I plan to game till death, your welcome >.<

What work are you doing? Why do we need to answer these questions?

1. I played 5 hours on the same game once.

2. Generally I play 2-4 hours during the week.  More or less on weekends.

3. I started out in '77, with an Atari 2600 and a 7800 (I think), then went with almost every Sega system, then PCs and in '06 I got my first 360.

4. I'll get a newer 360 when this one dies.

  1. Longest played that I know for sure 22 hours 33minutes for Metal Gear Solid 4.
  2. 3-5 hours on weeknights and average about 1 hour during the week.
  3. Basically everything since the NES. PC a new build for every major Direct X API change so 7,8,9,10, and 11.
  4. At this point PC is just to costly for gaming and not as fun. I am glad not having to patch games, hunt down strange bugs, and all the other headaches that come with a lot of PC gaming. I will most likely buy Microsofts next console unless there is a major change. Will buy a new PC, but not explicitly for gaming and development like I have in the past.

1. The longest session for me lasted 19 hours (Borderlands).

2. Depends, right now I'm kinda bored with gaming, but somewhere between 10-30 hours during the week.

3. NES-PS1-Xbox-Xbox360 (4 in total).

4. Yes, I will buy Microsofts next console.

Say I wonder what results that one university student got with his/her survey a few months ago and what was done with them.

I'm really curious, I hope that person comes back to tell us.

hmm! the first could easily go to either morrowind or oblivion. i've played both many times for around 20 odd hours. i can never set out with a goal and complete it, you always get side tracked especially if you don't use any fast travel.

the average i spend on a game at a time i would say is around 6-8 hours.

i'm only 24 but my first console was a hand me down commodore, then went on to megadrive/snes, saturn (there were already 2 ps1's in the house), dreamcast (greatest console ever R.i.P.), xbox and finally 360 and ps3. the ps3 i've recently sold as i hadn't turned it on in over a year. i mainly used it for media but my laptop does everything better.

in that time i also had almost every iteration of the gameboy except of course for the different kinds of ds they brought out. only had 2 pc's in that time which weren't very good but allowed me to play the like of diablo, halflife and black and white.

i've been gaming for as far back as i can remember, i think its too late for me to stop now. it's a hobby that i've love for years so, like many, its kind of depressing to see the way its heading but, i'll stick with it until it becomes as dried up as the movie industry.

1. COD4 Almost 30 days played.

2. Down to a couple of hours every week if I'm lucky. Kinda in a gaming rut.

3. NES

4. Currently looking into a new PC for school that is powerful enough to be a gaming machine and get me a free xbox 360.

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What work are you doing? Why do we need to answer these questions?



This OP. If it is a school/work project then you really aren't doing any of the work yourself, are you?

Either COD6 or 7, I played those games a lot while getting the achievements for them.

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