HotelCharlieCompany - for the HardCore Community

Greetings fellow Call of Duty gamers, community members, & HardCore players.

This is an open rally call for an ongoing mission to positively promote the HardCore audience.

HotelCharlie Company is a community-driven fellowship of Call of Duty gamers who prefer playing game types with HardCore (HC) settings & want to share a positive voice in showing video game publishers & developers that the HC community is a valuable segment of their audience.

Through positive & proactive representation of our HC community, we can encourage video game publishers & developers to continue to expand & refine their HC offerings, & we can provide valuable collective input to help shape the HC gaming experience.

We also aim to enjoy a better online gaming experience by teaming up for matches with other community members who share our passion for HC gaming & our positive values of fair play, teamwork, community, & fun.

"We seek unity, not through imposed control, but through harmonious initiative..."
- Warfighting: The U. S. Marine Corps Book of Strategy

• • •

What are the requirements to join?

HCC members are expected to uphold our Code of Conduct - the gist is simple:

1. Be a friendly, team-oriented, & community-minded HC gamer with good sportsmanship.

2. Uphold the positive values of HotelCharlie Company in your interactions with others to help maintain our community's respectable reputation.

3. Get involved & contribute constructively.

• • •

What's in it for me?

Recognition, perks, camaraderie, & the chance to make a positive impact on HC gaming.

• Content you contribute will be showcased & freely shared with the community, & all community-submitted HCC content is attributed to content creators.

• New members get a welcome shout out on the @HotelCharlieCo Twitter feed.

• Online content (videos, pod casts, pictures, etc.) that positively promotes/represents HotelCharlie Company gets a shout out on the @HotelCharlieCo Twitter feed.

• Members who respectably represent our community receive invitations to in-game meet-ups/matches with other HotelCharlie Company members.

• Vote in HCC polls/surveys.

• Contributors who consistently uphold the values of HotelCharlie Company can earn access to create posts/threads in our dedicated discussion groups.

• • •

Do I need wicked HC gaming skills to join?

No. HCC is not a skill-based or competitive "league" or "clan."

Players of all skill-levels are welcome & all members must be happy to play alongside teammates of varying skill.

HotelCharlie Company is for those who care more about teamwork & community than about preserving personal stats (K/D, W/L, etc.).

• • •

How do I join?

Simple - get involved.

While clicking a "like" or "subscribe" or "follow" button is a great way to show support, we encourage active involvement & participation from HCC community members.

Everyone can contribute something & every contribution matters!

A few ways members might choose to contribute include:

• Can you contribute constructive & relevant input to online discussions on various websites?

• Would you like to write an article about HC gaming for our website?

• Can you join online matches with other HCC members & play with good sportsmanship?

• Would you like to show off your graphic design skills by creating some HCC graphics (logos, banners, backgrounds, etc.) for the community?

• Can you make quality high-def YouTube videos for HCC?

• Can we count on your participation for community polls/surveys about HC gaming?

• Can you help spread the word & inspire others to get involved?


Participating community members who follow the HotelCharlie Company Code of Conduct are encouraged to use "HCC" as their in-game clan tag.

• • •

Count me in!

If you'd like to be recognized as a HotelCharlie Company member, simply:

1. Commit to upholding our Code of Conduct & represent our community respectably.

2. Provide your online gaming alias of choice (Xbox Live GamerTag, PSN handle, or Twitter name, etc.) along with what platform(s) you primarily game on (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, etc.).

3. Get involved & contribute constructively.


Thank you.


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How do you expect people to follow your code of conduct when you can't even follow the forum code of conduct for posting recruitment threads? First you say "No. HCC is not a skill-based or competitive "league" or "clan." Then later on you say "Participating community members who follow the HotelCharlie Company Code of Conduct are encouraged to use "HCC" as their in-game clan tag." Which is it?


@gameshoes- Why are your YouTube links always broken? It's so disappointing because I never get to watch them. Next time try to find the video with the horse that kicks the chicken, if you take requests :)

It seems to be working just fine...

Must be something wrong with iPad.

iPad can't do Flash.

I can usually watch YouTube videos with no problem. I've watched a few of your links, but can't load any lately.