Hosting - Matchmaking Open.. No one joins.

Can anyone host a game and fill it up without sending out invites to friends and ***, i.e no auto-invite and play. Just matchmaking set to OPEN and people joining? I can't seem to get anyone to join and searching the net has led me to a couple other people complaining about the same problem, their matchmaking being broken or designed bad. But since I don't see many posts at all about this, do other people have this problem here? Or is everyone too busy in free-modes to care or is it just my connection? Which is all port forwarded and Nat open..


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Seems like the first patch broke this. Yesterdays patch didn't fix it either.  Cant seem to find any takers for races or darts.  Empty games or until I get a few friends in.  Seems like a ghost town or a bug for invites.  Or people taking queue to playing in private servers only and not joining mini games.

I have the opposite problem , matchmaking closed but randoms joining