Hosting game cuts off!

OK this may not be the correct Title for this topic..  but it is the closest thing i could think of to put in the SUBJECT part.

This Morning i was hosting a game of KOTH. I knwo i was hosting cause it started with all bots.  So i know it was me that was hosting.    Uusually when i am NOT hosting i notice that i always seem to get   "Kicked off by the host" alert.  Now.   I know what that means it only means that the HOST left the game.. All points earned for that level  is lost cause it did NOT complete.

SO I played and alot of people joined in and out for  like 3 hours..  i continued it until i had to leave to go out of town about 8am!..  So i told everyone that i was HOST and that i had to leave soon  so that way they wouldnt  all get disconnected ...  I  DID at least finished the match i was in the middle of. playing,  .for that fact i did NOT want my self or anyone else to loose thier points. .   After that last match i told them i was leaving.. The other players in the game said  NOT a problem , understood that i had to leave.

Then when i got home this afternoon.. i played a few games of annex and then  then went to play  KOTH again... and AGAIN i was  ending up being host again with BOTS  filling in for everyone...  I played  for  like 3 - 4 different levels.  with people coming in  replacing the bots during the whole time.  .  Then all of a sudden at the end of the last match  the game went back to the LOBBY just before the scoreboard was supposed to come in.    Points where not taken for that last match!  I DID NOT quit!!   I was waiting for the final score to be shown on the screen  but it didnt.     I didnt get the  Kicked off by the host   warning either cause obviously I WAS the host!..  I didnt  want to loose nor  did i want anyone else to loose either the points for the end of the level.. in fact i was ready to keep playing!

Does anyone know why that happened?!  And if anyone was in that game this afternoon.. and lost thier points.. I apologize.. though  it was NOT my fault.. i was ready to keep playing!      I  just wondering WHY it kicked me back to lobby?!?!







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