hosting a 1v1 sniper tournement

i will be hosting a 1v1 sniper tournement. if you would like to compete in it message me on xbl my gt is FoD titaN x. the tournement will take place this saturday 8:00 eastern time . i wont allow anyone to qualify for the competition after thursday. you must be 13 or older to compete and have a mic. i have not decided what the prize will be yet but there will be a prize.



gamemode:free for all

health: 30 percent

weapons: everything disabled except dsr-50 and ballista

radar: normal

spawn delay: normal

Perks: all allowed except ghost

lethals: disabled

tacticals: disabled

preset: no preset classes

attachments: all allowed except duel band

3rd person spectating: disabled

i will be shoutcasting and more than likely streaming


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What about secondaries?

360 ladder stall no scopes only.

I heard snipers get more that true?


  I suppose that depends on if you mean more than others or more than anything else.

   I dont know about more than others, but more than anything else sounds about right seeing as most of them have to rely on someone else doing the aiming for them.

no secondaries

I will not join any tournement  that is hosted by someone that  doesn't know how to spell tournament.

Change the map

What killstreaks?