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So damned tired of getting host and having my *** handed to me game after game... it's like I am walking in molasses and shooting like Helen Keller... I'll see a guy, KNOW I have the drop on him, fire on center mass and he downs me with a single burst.... killcam doesn't even show me firing... I left a few games today when I was 4 and 22 and such, and each and every time I was host... if Xbox One Ghost has the same BS I am done with it, seriously...


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Won't happen anymore if we get dedis,Hoping they gonna be up on X1 today!

the same crap happens to me. do you know how to tell if you are the host?

Ghosts is really the first FPS where being host is a BAD thing. In all previous CoD games or Halo Games, shoot, even Battlefield and Tom Clancy games I would beg for host.

^Black ops 2 had awful host disadvantage and you will have a long wait begging for host in Battlefield since it runs on dedicated servers

The game looks flawless and plays smoothly.  You still get the wtf moments and instakill deaths, but you had the jump on the enemy scenarios. I feel like I am on roller skates during shootouts which baffles me because I can not stay on target. Now I believe this is due to the controller   and its longer length. I actually play on a lower setting of 4 to 5. On the 360 I am on a 7 to 8.


Sound is different on the ONE. Enemy footsteps are not as loud to me and the firearms sound clanky. Sort of like firing a weapon into an ac duct. Ping, ting, peww sounding.


In the end the game is the same as the 360 but like anyhing it is different in its own way. In gun fights you can return fire or be dropped in a blink of the eye. This means you will usually never get two kills at the same time unless they have their backs to you.


The game is what it is. Fun mindless hours of gaming however YOU like.

well..sounds exactly like the 360 version only 400 quid less, sticking with my 360 for another year, ive invested too much in it, plus i can still play all the cods and ive heard forza 5 graphically looks the same as forza 4, just doesnt justify spending all that alot of people are already having problems with the disc drive, have a look on xbox one general discussion and youtube lol and it takes a quater of a day to install a game lol, i luv you 360 hahahaha

what i think it is is half and half, half the players on 360 and half the players on the one so not overloading the servers which surely means less lag, getting alot of complaints about the one on xbox on general discussion