Host Dashboarding??

Iam realy shocked i havent seen more threads on this subject?Since Friday i have been in games that the Host dashboards right at  the end on the game.It wouldnt realy bother me so much if i still earend my points i worked for.Its getting crazy as hell already with this crap.Its happing more and  more everyday.

Since friday i would have to say its happened at least 20x.I would host myself,but for some reason it wont let me?I always have 4 strong green bars while playing.Very rare to have even 3 green bars.Isnt there a way to catch these guys?Its just not right.They should show who the host is by highlighting there name in the game lobbie?This way we know who dashbored and turn them in.All i play is FFA.And i dont get very much time during the week to play,so when i finaly do get a chance its sucks when people gotta do crap like this cause of the K/D or whatever the reason it is that they leave?


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I make this host do this on stockpile he was a clan leader and made his clan leave with him, They charged in a group and I kept mowing them down with the Stoner 63. He left when I was on MY first easy eight kill streak.

It's just that it happens so frequently that many of us have given up complaining and hoping that Treyarch would do something about it.