Host Booters in Black Ops 2

This crap really needs to stop, second night in a row I get partied up with this (MOD REMOVED).....check out below videos for evidence. Please do something about it.

MOD NOTES:  Please don't name and shame.


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so no offense man but I wasted my time watching these all I see is you laying in corners ineffectively doing nothing for your team. so my only question is what exactly is a host booter and why they doing it to the guy that isn't doing anything???

1) He got his connection interrupted during the first video and couldn't do anything.

2) 'Host booting' is when someone identifies your IP address and floods it with more crap than your router and/or connection can handle, which means you get kicked offline. It's more common than it should be.


You can avoid it by not having any real-time contact with dubious people, but that's not avoidable if you're randomly put in a lobby with them.

I was incredibly lagging, with connection interupted. you can see that my team starts to leave the game, they were kicked offline from their router being overloaded.

Just hit the report button and end it.  If once is not satisfying.  Do what I do when I get pissed enough repot them for everything you can and the set your account to avoid them.  The thing that sucks is they can still get put on your team just not play against.  

The report system really does nothing, plus since they were in my lobby they have my ip and can boot my connection at their will

Have not had it happen to me yet.  I'll consider myself lucky.

[quote user="Pulssse"]

The report system really does nothing, plus since they were in my lobby they have my ip and can boot my connection at their will[/quote]

Since you haven't done so already, you need to contact your ISP.  They can then change your IP address.  Once you do that, you will not be able to knocked offline again. 

Don't rely purely on the avoid feature.  The avoid system just stops you joining their games by accident, it doesn't prevent them from joining you, if you are still on their  recent player list.

Things you need to do:

Contact your ISP
Change your account privacy settings to 'Friends Only' for your online status.

I only watched one video, but if all you're getting is the 'connection interrupted' error... it's a pretty common occurrence for some people with this game.

I would also point out that if you have been exposed to a DOS or DDOS attack against your connection, such an attack would not only effect your Xbox connection it would effect your whole Internet. 

If your connection speed for everything else is working fine, your connection has not be attacked. 

look at the end of the third video, i lost total internet connection after that