Horse Whistle

Oblivion had a button to whistle, and retrieve your horse if it runs away.  Does Skyrim have this option?  Sometimes the horse will chase or run from bad guys.  And become lost.  Other than fast traveling to a city stable, can I just whistle and bring him back?

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I dont think you can whistle for  your horse in skyrim, but then again i didn't know you could whistle in oblivion.

The only horse whistle in Oblivion was through mods on the PC and Skyrim is the same. Consoles will never see the option unless Bethesda give it to us through DLC or a patch.

This would be a great option to include as a patch.  I believe Two Words 1&2 both had this feature and it came in handy.  If we never get this feature, then just use Detect Life or Aura Whisper to locate the horse after it has run away.

There was a horse whistle on Oblivion for 360 not on Skyrim

Whenever you fast travel anywhere, if you have a horse (and it is alive) the horse travels with you.  So the easiest solution is to fast travel to somewhere nearby and hop on the horse when you get there.  This is a disadvantage though becuase ocassionally you will fast travel to an enemy location or a dragon will attack and the horse will be killed, but cest la vie,.