Horse movement

Some of the Horse animations are broken. Like jumping a fence is the most seen of them.


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I had several problems riding horses in AC3!  After a certain point I just avoided riding them all together, unless it was a part of a mission.  The mechanics are very wonky.

I basically just use my horse to replenish ammo. Haha.

What gets me is that it has no problem jumping a fence or a log the size of a whale but it's a no-go when it comes to a tiny little rock or swimming! Then its get stuck between a tree. I really have no desire to ride a horse anymore, as well, unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes I can jump a huge rock other times I get caught on a twig.

I almost never use a horse it's uncalled for

I started using horses when i found out about the saddle upgrade lets you refill all your stuff for free where ever you are was alot easier to keep my arrows and poison up without having to go all the way to one of the limited shops.