Horse didn't show up at the next city

So where are you supposed to park your 1,000 gold horse?

I left my horse outside Riften, did the drinking quest, found myself in Markarth with no horse.  No horse in the next city, no horse in Roriksted, no horse in Whiterun, omg there's my horse in Riften right where I parked it.

So, the horse does not travel from stables to stables?


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I believe it does, but perhaps it doesn't take into account being sent to Markarth.

I have found my horse usually returns to the purchased stables but on occasion it follows me around with fast travel. I go to a fort and borrow one of the free horses to stop it from following me. I have noticed that most of the time it won't follow after a quest is finished, but takes some time to get back home. I'm not sure what makes the difference but using the fort free horse always breaks the fast travel thing.