horrible online connection

I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this issue. I just picked up my copy today and so far I've tried playing EAUHL games and a shootout game. ALL have been extremely non-responsive and unbelieveably laggy. I checked my connection to make sure it wasn't just me, and it isn't. I played an entire shootout game d all that was on my screen were cut scenes glitching in and out. I could hear the game going on but that's about it.






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no problems here. im actually surprised too cause usually when a new ea sports title comes out the servers get overloaded and everything lags.

All the servers are American.. so basically if your not American or Canadian you will always have that 1 second delay of lag (although some odd people don't).. I'm in Australia and I have ADSL+2 but I still get that bloody 1 sec of lag, it kills me every time..  the servers are kinda racist I guess. i hope ea does something.

australian is a race ?

at least our country aint in debt ha ha ha we can hold our own not like u americans

ahem, you might want to put down the controller and read a newspaper. you might learn something,

you also didnt answer my question

when I said "the servers are kinda racist I guess. i hope ea does something." means I'm saying that the servers hate everyone who isn't from that country and anyway I was using the term loosely its more like discrimination.

Is that better?

I never said Australian was a race, but too answer you question most Australians would be Caucasian as of our European ties. Bloody hell now everyone just relax and play some NHL

lol, ok. just as soon as you admit that i won this.

ah yeah sure whatever you say... idk what you have won but you may slap my nuts now, that's your prize for um winning :P

awesome/ now where did i put that hammer ? ? ?

Update. I unhooked my 360 wifi adapter and plugged the 360 straight to the modem and now, for the most part, it works flawlessly. Me so stupid.