Horrible lag making MP a nightmare !

As the title said, anyone else having horrible lag on MP.. Co - op works like a beauty but MP is a lag zone.


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I haven't experienced lag as of yet.

I haven't experienced any lag as of yet. Played a few rounds of Biohazard, Survival, and Heroes, too.

No lag on my end with tonights slaughter of the geezer online

no lag here.

I've lagged and it's pretty bad. Players are invisible to me. It's not the cloaking characters either. It's about 1/5 chance for lag but when it hits. Ugh.

Thats what im getting, when it works im a happy man, but most of times it doesnt .... Knowing Slant Six they will patch it up later but its again another example of release it and patch it later.

yes, it really makes it hard for me to enjoy the online experience.

I don't get much lag but I do get that "clone" glitch quite often when joining a game in progress -_-