Horrendous sound ruins gameplay

Played so many games of TDM today and it was like a apocalypse had took place. 90% of the maps was a player free zone Everybody camping out in obscure spots or by high up windows just waiting for the CRUNCH CRUNCH of an enemy's footsteps. Either with or without their **** amplify the sound **** players were out to play the most slow tedious games in history of FPS'ers Another thing You may have experienced yourself. The opposing enemy team just all congregating in one small area of the huge map ,not moving just quite content to stay in a 5 feet radius of their starting spawn. This in return makes it a plodding affair - eg : No fun. So in summary this years CoD is another nub appealing skill free poorly thought out piece of crap. Yes I have changed my tune after playing this atrocity more thoroughly . Hope this series goes away and perishes under a bush.

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you played team " camp " match  and seem surprised that teams camp

You have played TDM in previous cods yes?

yes and i now try to avoid it 

you cant say that here tam, well your gonna find out why

Well you would know there wasn't the abundance of campers that there is now. Never have seen so many dormant brain dead players before.

  Yeah, usually the braindead just run. But that only gets them shot here so they have to try something different.

Tam, you and Rhapsodic wouldn't be best friends, would you? Best Friends in Self-Inflicted Misery?

Use ninja, nobody will hear you coming.  TDM is about getting kills and not dying....it sounds like the enemy was beating you at that.  Play objective games.

TDM is boring on these maps,They're too big for 6v6 TDM.Cranked is slightly less camptastic

'Team' - magical word that, there isn't a camper out there that can handle being rolled by two or more shooters who are playing the game right.