horizontal HUD adjustment??!!?!

So I've been playing BF4 on XB360 several weeks now and have installed each of the multi-player downloads, but all of a sudden when I logged in today, I had to adjust my HUD settings again.

The problem is that I never had an option to adjust the horizontal field of view, so now I can't see my teams tickets on the far left and I can't see my own or vehicle health on the right.


If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.


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Sure, when you load the game on the main screen hit Options, hit RB over to graphics or display (forget exact name) and in there you see an option to resize anytime you want, especially important for people that perhaps started playing on lets say a 37" and get a 55" etc...the option that I am speaking of is for vertical and horizontal though, so if I misunderstood your problem then pardon, hope helps, have good one.