Horizon save game problems

Horizon stopped saving my game progress.

Here are the odd behaviours I have experienced:

  • In the car list some car thumbnails are not displayed. Sometimes it's just a black rectangle, sometimes it just shows the background, but no actual car.
  • When purchasing a car from the marketplace to enlist in an event, I always get an error message like "problems saving your game, please try saving again", the only option is Ok and once I press A the game goes on like nothing happened. This is the only point in the game I get that message, all the other times I see "saving game" but no error message
  • Whenever I reload the game again I get reset back to where I was yesterday, but for some reason the upgrade signs and discovered roads remain saved, but all the events are reset, all the purchased cars are reset as well

I am running the game from the DVD (not installed) and the save games are on the HDD.

The only thing I can think of is that I moved my save game to the cloud to play on another Xbox then moved them back to the HDD. The two Xboxes have the same exact DLC (none).

Has anybody experienced this and has come up with a workaround?

Thank you,


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I had an even worse experience than this. I put my game save on a thumb drive to transfer it to another hard drive. Made 100% sure the game save was on the thumb drive, I had to format the drive before I put the game save on there. Anyways I get home and put the thumb drive into my xbox and it says it isn't formatted anymore! so I lost all 75 cars I had, a garage worth something like 65m CRs, and my account is already level 37 or so online so i wont be getting prizes from that soon anymore. :-(

I hope you figure out what is going wrong with your save and dont loose it like I did mine.