HORIBLE GAME!!!!!!! Heres why...

It seems as though infinity ward has lost all of their capabilities to make games these days as im sure ALOT of you will agree as ive been hearing nothing but bad things about it ever since the game came out.  LOOKS like Treyarch did a better job at creating "call of duty" than infinity ward themselves....... 

Me being a very dedicated cod player, its hard for me to say this but its come down to this game being an entire letdown.

Here's a list of all the things that drove me to this decision:

1. Game Is extrememly fast paced, much more so than all of the other call of duty games ever released. so this leaves you with one option only, RUN AND GUN.

2a. The maps are INSANELY small and its nothing but a cluster-F. 

2b. These small maps have MILLIONS (yes literally millions) of back routes so you and your team members are consistantly getting shot IN THE BACK.

2c. Theres is NOT ONE out in the open map at all.

3a. Hit detection in this game is complete GARBAGE. When i shoot someone with half a clip, no matter the distance with a m4a1 and get all hit markers, i EXPECT THEM TO DIE.

3b. It seems as though my first 5 bullets do nothing ( mostly on laggy servers).  Even being laggy, this should still not happen, then by the time i actually start to get hit markers, im already dead b/c it takes everyone else 3-4 bullets to kill me with any gun. ( i swear people throw skitttles at me and i die sometimes)

3c. When im shooting at someone and decide to pull back for cover, i expect that cover to FREAKIN cover me! not have the game over compensate for some bs latency issues and give someone the kill when theyre not even shooting anything but thin air or into a 8ft thick brick wall.

4. Problems with the kill streak system.... For one, this just happened to me last night.... it was rather funny actually..... the whole other team, a group of 6 people or so,ALL had support class on. ALL with emp. Domination game, dont remember the map, but my team was winning like 140 to like 100. the other team midway through, activated an emp... before that emp had ended, id say like 2 seconds before it did, they threw another one up.... and then after that one, another one, and so forth till the game ended. I stilled killed alot of them so i didnt care much but that is an exploit that is RIDICULOUS. having emp's active for all of 6 minutes is pretty stupid in my opinion.

5. Sniper rifles......  Hmmm lets see, if you make the .50 cal a one hitter quitter then make it a ONE HITTER QUITTER. Not a One Hitter Quitter***** with asterics.    (*** may not only kill in one shot if u hit him in the throat or if u shoot him in the back. or sometimes u just plain wont kill him with one shot no matter where u hit him)

im sure theres more things i can come up with. and im sure i will!

Bottom line is that Infinity Ward had lost their touch and should have stopped making games after MW2.   Call of duty 4: modern warfare was by FAR the best call of duty that was made and after that everything went down hill.

AND for all of you that read this and think im a noob, im not, i average over 3.5 K/d in all of the cods that i own and i know how to shoot a gun thank you very much :)

so unless all of these things are miraculously fixed in the next patch for the game, i consider this one a WASTE of 60 bucks. Thanks IW!


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glad u wasted your 60 bucks you should go QQ on the IW forums

I agree with all of that, my main hate of this game is to do with the small maps and AI online kills more times than human to human deaths, if I want to get killed my the AI I will play campaign


Check out my thread, "its time to stop making Call of duty"

@ smogi3    I already replied to ur thread homie lol i got ur back!

@ uncivil

yes actually im goin to copy and paste that whole thing and put it on one of the IW forums... they'll prob ban my gamertag from playin but who cares, its a horrible game anyways

haha good man, I got to bed tonight happy knowing that MW3 meta user rating is still what it deserves to be [3.1 last time i checked] lol!


Another time ritch, later

I don't have any of the problems you're complaining about.


I can snipe and hold down an area anytime I feel like it.


Hit detection is ~1000X better than Black Ops. 


Barrett is a one-shot kill 90% of the time for me.


The maps make it difficult to camp, but if you're always getting shot in the back it's because your teammates aren't doing their jobs. This isn't a design flaw. Get better teammates. 


Why shouldn't a team be able to load up on EMP's and use them smartly? Set up a class with Assassin Pro and an iron sight and you won't even notice it. This is not a problem with the killstreak system.


It sounds to me like a lot of your problems stem from lag. If you get into a game with a bad connection just leave, but know that lag is always going to be a problem with all online games. I have problems even with Battlefield 3 on a full-bar dedicated server. And while I do agree that COD4 was the best in the series, it had plenty of its own problems and I feel that MW3 is a step in the right direction after the mess that was MW2.  To say that the game is "Horible" "!!!!!!!" is just ignorant, childish ranting.

@ JAXimus

Yea, my teammates are bad alright, u have a group of 6-10 main people that ive been playing all of the cod series with, with the exception of a couple, we all own. Nothing else really to be said about them... Given that, i know the difference between lag and HORRIBLE hit detection. im not THAT stupid.  

idk if u can actually call all of 6 people loading up on emp's SMART.... Its something that little simple minded kids do b/c they get owned so bad all the time they just try to drum up something completely obscure to try to have a chance at winning games. THATS what i believe that is....  

barret = 1 shot kill 90% on a good server and 75% on laggy server...

and im sure you HAVE had some of the issues im talking about but YOU are just too blinded by the name COD and IGNORANT to even notice them.  :)

OP I 100% agree with you on all topics, this game blows hard!

You say you know the difference between lag and "HORRIBLE" hit detection. I would like you to post a video of one of the times you shot someone 15 times with an M4 and they didn't die. Even better, post the whole game in your vault. Then it's irrefutable, but until I see a video I do not believe that you have ever connected with 15 rounds from an M4 and not gotten a kill. Perhaps if your enemy was wearing a vest, but I still find it highly unlikely. In fact, post any video you believe showcases this "HORRIBLE" hit detection.


Staggering the use of the EMP's instead of blowing them all at once was smart. I didn't say it was a game winning tactic.


"barret = 1 shot kill 90% on a good server and 75% on laggy server..."    Show me some evidence.


Have I been shot in the back before? Sure. Have I had times where I felt like I was getting poor hit detection? You bet. Have bad players using cheap tactics pissed me off? You better believe it. Are these problems unique to MW3 or Call of Duty games in general? No freaking way! Every online shooter I've played in the last 15 years has had similar problems with latency, bad teammates, and douche nozzles ruining games. However, MW3 is a step in the right direction and improves on many of these issues wherever it can.    

Am I the only one who thinks the maps aren't as small as everyone is making them out to be?  I was going in thinking the worst today when I finally picked up the game and aside from,  and forgive me if I'm wrong,  Hardhat.....?  I thought the maps weren't all that small.  Not Black Op's in scale,  but not tiny.

Maybe it is just me.


"Happy Drinking"

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