Horde?!: one get hit all get hit,one dies all dies?!?!?!?!

what is going on?! i just played 4 horder games and when im not even in the line of fire im getting hit from all directions and no one is around me?!?


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Not sure, but my wife and I have been having the same issue. Rather annoying

Same thing with me it's happened a few times, but it mainly happened to me on Gridlock Map.

I thought I was losing my mind lastnight. Taking damage and then looking around and nobodies there. I no friendly fire was on but it was more like I was feeling the hits my teammates where taking. It did make it interesting but it also killed horde games quicker , There was more of a chance of all of us dieing and most of the time after the first time we all died the host quit.

Yeh, I actually thought bullets were going through the walls.  Was too annoying and just went back to MW3.  Anyone know if they fixed this yet?

This was not a glitch. The event was NOT Friendly Fire, it was team share damage. If one gets hit, all get hit. it was only active for yesterday and will not be coming back for the rest of the 12 days of Gearsmas.

TAO .. on the xbox forums?!

you're only dreaming it.

Ok, cool.  Glad its over then.  I think the Gearsmas event thing should be optional to players.  Some stuff might be amusing for like the first 5 mins, but then just gets annoying.

I was going to throw the *** thing of the wall . going to go see if it's switch off now thanks

for the heads up .