Horde Mode

looking for some players to do insane level on horde no fussed about maps and i have the 3 mutators super reload, melee and ammo + am bothered if you have a mic or not as long as r a team player. thanks


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add me m8 Northernsoul 7

insane with those mutators is such a waste of time....

must active, regen, and super reload on insane is the only way to go

looking for horde on insane help

Ill play

count me in!

I suggest Super Reload, Enemy Regeneration,and Vampire. You will keep almost all of your XP (which means with 50 waves you can level up fast!) and with a little practice,you will do fine. InstaGib can be dangerous,because it sure seems like the locust can use it against you (it's happened a few times to me) and one hit kill you.