Horde mode question: enemy strength vs. team size

In Horde mode, does the number of players influence the Locust horde's strength (i.e. type, numbers, health, etc.)?

For example, would a 4-player team have it easier than a 2-player team?  If the player team size has no impact on the horde, then a 4-player team would have a much easier time.  But if team size has an impact of the horde, a 4-play team might see twice the number of enemies or perhaps tougher enemies.

FYI: I just started playing horde mode (as well a multi-player) earlier this week, and only with one other player.  We're stuck on wave 20 on a few maps.  I figure we'll get further as our skills (both individual and teamwork) improve, but I am wondering if we'll need additional players to reach & beat wave 50.


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The horde size is the same for 1 to 5 players. You can do wave 50 alone, but having teammates helps. Keep the shields that the Mauler drops, and plant them to keep the horde off of you. That will male life much easier. But you must pick them up and replant them at the start of every round or they will disappear.

and also they only way the horde gets stronger is every 10 waves, so more players is always better