Horde Mode or **** Mode? Saints Row 3's Version



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That's looks like it will be good fun in co-op. Can't wait to pick up my pre-order. Even though this game will be sitting on the shelf for a while before it even enters my 360

Saving and returning to the level you left off at is something GOW3 should have thought about.

this game get better every day.

Wave based games are getting popular these days.

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Not a fan of "Horde Mode" type game modes, but I'll still try it out.

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Wave based games are getting popular these days.

[/quote]When something works in a game; gamers want it in every game; like co-op/MP etc LOL.

So far only Horde and Firefight have done it well. Moxxies was terrible.

I doubt I will try it more than once. I am getting so sick of things where you fight off waves of enemies. And this one doesn't even seem like it will be as fun as Gears 3's Horde mode since in tis one you can only have 2 people instead of 4.

Good idea, well just have to see if it goes down well.