Horde ( Insane )

Recently completed horde on casual, Normal And hardcore. Started it on insane currently at wave 46 and would really appreciate some help as i just can't do it.

if you are intrested send me an invite with a message saying its about gears. otherwise i won't add people i don't know.

Thanks = )


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Ill got from 1-50 Insane with you I can bring two more.

Ill do 1 to 50 as well.

Would be better if you use the active reload perk though as it only takes about 1 hour to complete with that perk.

I'll join!

i'm down...i have 1 through 29 done, but i'm only online around 11pm cst if this works for you hit me up

im game

make sure you have insta gib...it's a wonderful mutator for insane.

Anyone still down to do horde on insane? let me know.

I'm down