Horde Insane

I'm looking for a group to do Horde 1-50 on Insane with. Whenever I join public matches everyone quits by wave 20 and its really getting old. So if you'd like to play respond saying so or just FR me and we'll set up a date and time in which we could attempt doing 1-50 on insane.


Thanks, ChronicSwaggerr


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Are you going for score or just to complete it? I ask because I have the infinite ammo mutator and not only is it fun but it helps a LOT! Hahaha.

hey am looking for players also i have the infinite ammo, super reload and super punch if you want to do it thro that should make alot easier

Add me I'm always down for some horde!

Looking for friends to play horde on insane iam on all the time from 7 pm onwards uk time

I want to do this and i will stay as long as it takes so set it up and we`ll get it on:)

I did it solo on trenches, theres a spot on the map, that, for some reason you become undetectable. i saw it on youtube. I did all  50 within a couple of days, it was pretty easy.

Yup. DcAsT323 is right. It's the sweet little spot by the mulcher/one shot spawn. The trick is to stay at the extreme left of the location to render the locusts/lambents inactive, but once you inch a little to the right, they will start to run at you. Definitely the easiest way if you want to beat Horde Insane on all 50 waves SOLO. Of course it'll be the best help if you have infinite ammo, super reload and instagib melee.