Hord on Gears of War 2

I had not played hord for some time and my xbox took a dump so i ended up getting a new black unit. When i went to play hord all the waves were tickers. I am not online with gold only silver dose anyone know why?


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I am having the same issue.  While its a great way to rank up its not a whole lot of fun.

I'm thinking that the horde part of the game is controled by xbox online even if you only have silver. and your right it's not a lot of fun playing with only tickers. I hope it dose not stay like that.

I just bought GOW2 (again) so I could get used to the game b4 GOW 3 comes out, and I had to DL all the extra map packs to play horde online. Which I did, except for one, which doesn't show up at all for me (Flashback map pack) so I wasted money buying all the other map packs for no reason.

I have it worse than u.... lol

They set it to all tickers so it can be fast hord waves...Its just until the launch of GOW 3...It was Epics way of saying, here...Go boost to lvl 100

for gods sake it was the experience event

So why is it still only tickers gears 3 is out. Only tickers sucks

Hord waves are not faster with Tickers.  I think it takes longer because you have to wait for them to dole them out over the course of the level. It would be faster if they unleashed them all in one swarm but that would probably be too hard espically in the later levels.

The good thing about just being tickers was for my mate to get the Horde Achievements which he did this week and I had to help him as he helped with the Insane difficulty, would never had done it being normal horde with just two of us.