Hopes and expectations?

What in particular are you looking for out of Skyrim? One thing I hope they do and improve is the ability to have companions. I liked in Oblivion with the Wizards tower download being able to have a Stone Atronach to help me in battle that I didnt have to continually summon myself (not that its a problem to do so) only thing is, their pathing and ability to stay with me was hindered and I lost him a bit after I got him somewhere in the woods. I bet he is still out there, years later waiting for me. lol "....master.....?"


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This will be my first Elder Scrolls game so I don't know what to expect but everyone is saying it will be as good as oblivion.(which I'll get to play at some point).

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@lol at ur skill...Before I begin flaming you unmercilessly I must know, are you an RPG fan? :D

Not really but I do try other games than shooters. For example I played every fable game and final fantasy. I like to try different things once in a while. I know what Oblivion is like because my friend had it and I seen him play it I just didn't have an xbox at the time to get it. So now I want to get this game and see what is good about it. I know it is long and probably difficult but I want to give it a shot and see if I like it.

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I'm excited about it. The new animations. The new graphics. The fact that people don't look like aliens now. I REALLY want to see how the humanoid animal races, khajiit ect. will look with this new engine. The random dragon boss battle encounters. DUAL WELDING MAGIC!! AAWWWWW SSSHHHIIIIEEETTTT!!!


Ima have Fire in one hand and lighting in the other. Ima go around giving dudes all types of burns. But when I combine them both..............R@PE TIME!!!!


But one thing thats got me kind of wondering about skyrim. In oblivion, we are able to hold a shield in one hand, and a sword in the other, or a two handed weapon and be able to cast spells. Like I would cast a soul trap right before I hand that final hit on the enemy with my sword of might.


I wonder if we will still be able to do that. In the videos, I seen the guy holding fire magic in one hand and a sword in the other, so blocking with the shield was out of the question there. hhhmmmmm........


I hope we will be able to create our own spells again too. That was TOO awesome. Man, I have SOOOOOO many spells in oblivion dude, it take me a WHILE to scroll through all of them to get to the ones I want to use.


I can't wait to make some pretty awesome characters


My first play through ima create a witch that looks as close to Flemeth AKA witch of the wilds from dragon age two. She looks hella hot and bad @@@ at the same time. She will be a pure magic type. I will try to use no melee attacks what so ever. From what I've seen from the videos, the magic looks like its been amped up a lot. that flame spell in the gameplay video looked like a damn flame thrower, thats something that i havent seen on elder scrolls. nor have I seen that lighting quick teleportation spells and the storm one. Man, she will be so freaking powerful. and If we can make our own spells.............gooooooot damn.


After I'm done with my first play through, ima make a melee type character that duel wields light swords and use bow and arrows and wears light armor. Xena the warrior princess. If you haven't noticed, I like strong women.

After playing Oblvion my hopes are simple. Take the best parts of TES 3 and 4 and combine them into the best f***ing RPG ever! It sounds like they are taking Oblivions radiant AI to the next level which is awesome. I really liked the hit detection battles compared to Morrowinds dice rolls where a hit isn't always a hit. However in Morrowind I loved being rewarded for exploring those really hard to reach places. Not having scaled enemies added to the desire to get just a little stronger so I can see what's around the next corner.

Also I hope they don't recycle various NPC's and gear. For example I dont' want to see Gold Brand or Umbra's armor or Ma'iq the Liar for the 3rd game in a row. Make new epic stuff and let us remember those things for the nastalgic reasons we fell in love with them in the first place. Although I wouldn't mind getting my hads on Skullcrusher again, lol...

I wouldn't mind seeing levetation come back, but I doubt we'll ever see that in a TES game again. Just too much extra dev time required to balance the world around it.

I loved the 1st half of the Dark Brotherhood quests (before the cleansing) but instead of DB I would prefer to have the Morag Tong back. You know the good guys as opposed to the bad guys. Hell, why not throw both in there and let us choose one over the other with interlaced quests?!

Those are just a few things that come to mind... as we get closer to release i'll have more to add i'm sure.

i really really really hope that an assassins guild of any kind has a presence in the game. i know they've only confirmed fighters, mages, and thieves guild in the game, but i don't think they've confirmed only those 3 will be joinable guilds/factions. and if the db or whatever they might call themselves in skyrim don't show up, hopefully the thieves guild will have better missions with more stealthiness,  or maybe the fighters guild will take up the assassins slack and are taking contract kills.

From the sounds of it, those are the three they showcased for E3 because they cover the basic 'trinity' of classes.  Hopefully this means there'll be several other guilds as well!  Would be nice to inlude mutually exclusive guilds as well, where you have to choose one then battle the other

Before the watered-down skills were accounced, I'd hoped for a return to more diverse skillset like Morrowind;  I really wanted spears back in the game.  Also, axes shouldn't be blunt!  

TBH,  what I'm really only hoping for is a game as interesting and compelling enough to entice me to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours exploring it  as it's predecessors did.

A better yielding system/ smarter allies! Countless times in the heat of battle I've accidentally clobbered a companion with mah Warhammah, or blasted them in the back with a fireball. Resulting in them turning on me or me doing damage to them.

Maybe they could implement a reputation system with the various factions or towns, so if you did accidentally hit one of your friends in combat they wouldn't mind so much!

gonna love the duel wielding spells and the better graphics hope the main storyline is long as well and that you can get companions. only elder scroll ive played is oblivion and i just recently beat it storyline wasnt that long but i didnt do all the sidequest mainly the main story.

Personally I don't care whether Skyrim has a long main storyline or not, I'm gonna go out there and axplore my a** off. Yup, it's gonna be awesome!

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