Hope This Isn't A Quest Breaker

n doing the Diplomatic Quest, I failed to give Malborn any equipment. (Don't know why :-( but thats the way it is.) Can I take a follwer with me? Or am I screwed?


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its optional to give him anything. if you dont give him anything, you will have to use what you find in there.

no followers - you can reload a previous save, or like Pirate said, use whatever you can find in the embassy

you can also use magic

Ouch, if you did that, I dare try playing the Embassy, no magic, only fists. You'll get aped. Of course, if your around level 10 when you went there. You could lower the difficulty.

First time I did that quest I forgot to store some stuff with him. I ended up killing the first two Thalmer I saw and used their gear to finish the quest. Second time I got to that quest I made sure to give Malborn what I needed.

Can your use shouts or destruction?

yes you still keep all of your spells.

There's only 3 guards in the 1st part of the Quest -- unless your magic is default levels, you should have little trouble taking them out, looting their ish & then rolling along your merry way. If it gets too tough, just drop the difficulty down till you loot a body or two & then bring it back up..