Ok, so it's been a while since I have been on Xbox forum, and read the Gears of War 3 Post. The one thing I noticed is all these post about shotguns. to be completely honest, I use to be one of those people would would **** about the sawed-off shotgun, and rant about how much I hate it, and how much it is over powered. Then one day I was like you know, they're probably not going to change it so I'll just deal with it, so I decided to do my best to best the sawed-off, and the one thing I found out, is that 1 out of 5 times the guy will beat me with the sawed off. Other than that, I reck just about every guy who try's to take me on. It all depends on how you use the Gnasher. It has better range (meaning you can start shooting them from farther away as the charge you with the Sawed-off and by the time they do the one last evade move to get to you, you'll either kill them or down them) and it has more shots. So say you get a un expected sawed-off that misses FOR SOME REASON! And then while he's busy reloading just unload all you got.

Well nuff said. Sawed-off's are plenty fair.

What I usually say to people who aren't as good with the Gnasher against the Sawed-off, is "If you can't beat 'em join 'em"


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Poor sig rap. And the Double Barrel against the Gnasher is a hell of a lot more balanced than the Double Barrel against one of the rifles.

I have played all Gears of War 3 titles since they came out. I have always noticed complaints about one weapon or another. While I will admit that some weapons have a clear advantage over others, it is obvious that is the point. For one weapon that is better for close combat, there is always a good counter weapon. I am not a fan of the sawed off shotgun honestly but it isn't because I hate being killed with it. I am simply more accustomed to my gnasher. I love the gnasher and have had just as many kills on people using sawed off shotty as I have been killed so I don't think the weapons are unbalanced at all. The key is as it always has been with every other Gears of War, ACTIVE RELOAD. I am one of those people that gets the "quick clips" ribbon after every match for the most actives. You get an active reload on your opponent and you pretty much have it in the bag unless they also have one and then it's just about who aims and fires first really. I probably take it to the extreme but it definitely works. Even with the lancer or retro. I fire a few rounds in enemy direction then get my active and let them have it.

all the guns are meant to hurt.

They should make an event weekend where both shotguns are replaced with a soft, fluffy pillow.

or maybe like in 007 from back in the day, "slappers only". I would love to take my Dom around just *** slappin enemy's. "Oh yeah, you wanna shotty me?"  *juke, smack*

I'm always getting the quick clips too, i active reload all the time, it's rare when i don't get that ribbon, i'll shoot off a bullet or two all the time and reload again to keep the active going its a huge part of the game and always has been

I've been saying this for a few threads now, and im sure others have as well, but people need to either accept the SoS power and work around it, or just go head to head with the same weapon.


In addition to that, people have to play smarter, not just bust out the shotty during close quarters and pray that you get a kill. I only use either shotgun as a LAST resort as my tactics encompass mid-to somewhat long range fighting with the retro. If the enemy gets close for a shotty charge, treat the retro, or any assault rifle weapon type, as a spear and back away for an advantage.


Thats just one example of a counter against it, whether or not its successful entirely depends on the capabilities and cunning of your enemy as well as yourself.


In short......get over it, just fight back, but smarter. (>:D)

Yes, the Sawed-off is much stronger than all of the guns, but they balanced it out big time, by eliminating the range (it has zero range, you have to practically be touching the guy), and there's only one shot. So if you see a guy charging you and not shooting, it's safe to assume he has a Sawed-off shotgun, so just back up and shoot him.

Yeah my sig was from 3 years ago, just a little to lazy to fix it up.

You're exactly right. What you said was pretty much exactly what I was trying to say, because I'll come out of a game and people will be spazzing out because one person or another was killing people with the Sawed-o Shotty.