Honest Hearts/Caeser's Leigon/Reputation question

I've put a lot of time and effort into my primary character in Fallout New Vegas and want to play him when I play Honest Hearts, however, I'm vilified by the Caeser's Leigon (I'm also A Smiling Trouble Maker for the NCR, yeah I sided with Mr. House/Yes Man), and as I understand it, Honest Hearts is very Caeser's Leigon heavy, will I be able to access/play it?


and any replies, please no spoilers...ha ha.


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Im in the same boat. Id like to hear about this.

It doesn't matter. The Legion is in the back story/reason for things . They have no direct power [people] in Zion. So rep with NCR or Legion does not matter... Not spoiling anything but you work with * a Caravan company/yourself  in HH not NCR or Legion.*

Honest hearts is not tied into the legion at all other than some back story information.

Great cheers for that, just started it now. High hopes for this one! :D